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Weed Resources

Weed Identification

PNW Weed ID Image Collection
Pacific Northwest weed photos and names.

Washington State Weed Control Board
Detailed lists and search function for identifying weeds.

Common Weeds Photo Gallery and Key
Weed photos and identification keys from UC Davis.

Weed Society of America Weed Identification
Identification and information on weeds from all over the US.

Common Weeds in Washington State
List of common weeds with info and photos.

Weed Management

PNW Weed Management Handbook
Guide to managing weeds in the Pacific Northwest. Please use only the "Management- Home Gardens and Landscapes" section. Includes a new Weed Identification Tool.

Weed Ecology and Management
Comprehensive website from Cornell University on understanding and managing weeds.

Invasive and Noxious Weeds

Weed Identification Guide (PDF)
Great guide for weed identification put out by the City of Portland Environmental Services department. Lots of photos of local weeds in various life stages.

Oregon Noxious Weed List
List of weeds designated Noxious by the Oregon Department of Agriculture including photos and descriptions.

Center for Invasive Plant Management
Lots of great information on weeds and weed management in a huge variety of sub-pages.

List of invasive weeds, animals and pathogens in an easy to use format.

King County, Washington Noxious Weed List
Photos and descriptions of many common noxious weeds.

Western US Invasive Plant Guide
List of weeds and plants designated Invasive including photos and descriptions along with information about how to report invasive plant sightings.

Invasive Species Management
West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District information on invasive species in the Portland Metro area including identification, reporting, and eradication tools.

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