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Insect and Pest Resources

General Insect Identification

Ken Gray Insect Image Collection
Search for images of insects by scientific name.

Insect ID Leaflet Series
Handy PDF's of common Insect Pests of the Pacific Northwest from WSU.

Caterpillars of the Pacific Northwest
Field Guide with keys to identifying caterpillars commonly found in forests and woodlands of the Pacific Northwest.

Household Pest ID and Management

Urban Entomology
This site has information on common household and health pests in Oregon.

Urban Entomology (Ebeling)
Another site with detailed information on insects found in urban areas.

House Pests
Specific information on household pests including carpenter ants.

Spiders (including Hobo Spiders)

Common Spider Myths Website with information about commonly held myths about spiders from the University of Washington.

Hobo Spider (Darwin K. Vest’s web site)

Hobo Spider: How to Identify (PDF)

The Burke Museum: Spider Links

Pest Management in Gardens and Yards

Yard/Garden Pests
Great resources on beneficials, pests, and control measures.

Pest Leaflet Series
A series of bulletins on common issues that come up though WSU has a wealth of information on a variety of important topics for Master Gardeners.

Pests in Homes, Gardens, Landscapes, and Turf
This is a well-organized and easy to use resource with incredible depth. Much of the content is applicable to Oregon.

What's Eating My Plants
Guide to identifying the source of leaf damage for common Pacific Northwest Plants from Washington State University.

Living with Bugs
Wide range of information on pest ID, management, and control in homes and gardens.

Crane Fly Pests of the PNW
Lots of information on Crane Fly Pests in the Pacific Northwest.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Information

Nursery IPM
An excellent entomological resource.

Biological Control of Pests
Interesting site on using biological control methods as a part of an integrated pest management plan.

Cornell University IPM
Cornell has great IPM resources. Keep in mind that it is located on the east coast; some of the cases may not apply to Northwest Gardeners.

Cornell University Guidelines for Pest Management
Very detailed information on identification and control of pests in a variety of habitats. Of particular interest is the section on Pest Management Around the Home.

Pesticide Information and Safety

National Pesticide Information Center
All sorts of detailed information on pesticides safety and use.

Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP)

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