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Multnomah County Master Gardeners' Incredible Edibles Plant Sale 2014

Incredible Edibles poster

Embrace homegrown goodness at the third-annual Multnomah County Master Gardeners’ Incredible Edibles Plant Sale on Saturday, May 3rd, 10am to 4pm, Westminster Presbyterian Church, NE Hancock between 16th and 17th. Give new meaning to “Picking up something for dinner!” with organic veggie starts and herbs for your home garden. With starts from the Incredible Edibles Plant Sale, you’ll soon be harvesting nutritious, fresh-picked goodness for your table!

The Incredible Edibles Sale offers a luscious array of local, organically-grown vegetable starts. You’ll find both heirlooms and hybrids among our proven varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuces, herbs and more. Varieties offered have been specially selected for their ability to thrive in our Pacific Northwest climate.

Bring your gardening conundrums and ‘Get the Real Dirt’ from OSU Extension-trained Master Gardener volunteers, who will be on site to answer your gardening questions.

New to growing edibles? There will be lots of information and helpful Master Gardeners to get you started on successfully growing your own food.

‘Plant. Grow. Eat.’ workshops are scheduled throughout the day to inspire and provide education for new adventures in growing your own food. Check back later for complete workshop schedule.

Incredible Edibles! Make your wish list and check out the great selection of organic veggies and herbs that will be available for sale (see below). Note: sometimes nature happens and a crop fails or veggies are too small to sell – so this list only reflects the plants we have ordered. Availability may vary the day of the sale. Come early for best selection!

Attract beneficial insects with Disco Marigolds or Gem Marigolds grown by Multnomah County Master Gardeners. Disco Marigolds are compact, heavily-branched plants. Early, rain tolerant, great for bedding and baskets. Height 8” to 12”. Offering Disco Red, Disco Yellow, and Disco Marietta (yellow with a bronze center). Lemon Gem and Red Gem Marigolds are a profusion of single blossoms on compact mounds of lacy, scented foliage which also attracts beneficial insects to your garden. Blossoms are edible and deer-resistant. Super for containers, beds and culinary use. The single blossoms of both varieties are great for attracting pollinators to the garden.

A Little Sun! You read it right. A Little Sun will grace the Incredible event, even if it is cloudy! Artist, Jessica Soleil, will be selling her lovely, original illustrations that offer inspiration and highlight veggie goodness. You can learn more about Jessica and see her whimsical product line here: a little sun

Victory Garden of Tomorrow Artist Joe Wirtheim brings his gorgeous, thought, and action-provoking poster and design project to the Incredible Edibles sale. “Victory Garden of Tomorrow is committed to civic innovation and social progress – better food, better gardens, better cities. It is artful advocacy for the modern homefront.” To learn more and see Joe’s stunning project: The Victory Garden of Tomorrow

Incredible Entertainment. Fun, lively, musical entertainment will add to this celebration of homegrown goodness.

Spread the word. Help us get the word out about the Incredible Edibles Plant Sale by downloading our promotional posters. Post them at your favorite coffee shop, library or community bulletin board, share with neighbors and friends. Thank you!

Free admission. Everyone welcome.

* indicates OSU recommended variety. As any OSU-trained Master Gardener™ can tell you, OSU Extension Service offers a wealth of tried-and-true, research-based information for the home gardener. That includes recommendations of vegetable varieties that are proven to thrive and produce the best yields in our Pacific Northwest home gardens. The recommended varieties have been tested and trialed, sometimes for many years. Only the most disease resistant, flavorful, productive varieties make the cut.

Roll your cursor over the varietal name to view its description. If you don't see the pop-up description you can read all the veggie descriptions by downloading this.

Page 1

(Roll cursor over plant name for description of the variety)
Artichoke, 3.5"
* Imperial Star 2.50
Asian Greens Jumbo 6-pack
* Giant Red Mustard 3.00
Mustard Mizuna 3.00
Beans Jumbo 6-pack
Blue Lake Bush 3.00
* Kentucky Wonder Pole 3.00
* Maxibel 3.00
* Soy Edamame Shirofumi 3.00
Beets Jumbo 6-pack
* Bull's Blood 3.00
* Chioggia Guardsmark 3.00
* Golden 3.00
Broccoli Jumbo 6-pack
Bluewind 3.00
* Romanesco 3.00
Celery Jumbo 6-pack
Giant Red Reselection, celery 3.00
* Tango 3.00
Chard Jumbo 6-pack
Rainbow 3.00
Collards Jumbo 6-pack
* Champion Collards 3.00
Corn Jumbo 6-pack
* Spring Treat, yellow sweet corn 3.00
* Sugar Pearl, white sweet corn 3.00

Page 2

(Roll cursor over plant name for description of the variety)
Cucumbers 3.5" pot
*Armenian 2.50
Boothby’s Blonde 2.50
Diva 2.50
Garden Sweet Burpless 2.50
*Lemon 2.50
Little Leaf Pickling 2.50
Summer Dance 2.50
Suyo Long 2.50
Sweet Marketmore 2.50
Eggplant 3.5&quopt; pot
Little Finger 2.50
*Millionaire 2.50
*Orient Express 2.50
Fennel Jumbo 6-pack
Perfection - bulbing 3.00
Greens Jumbo 6-pack
Arugula Grazia 3.00
Italian Salad Mix 3.00
Ovation Mix Mesclun 3.00
Ground Cherry 3.5" pot
Pineapple 2.50
Kale Jumbo 6-pack
Lacinato (aka Dinosaur, Nero di Toscano) 3.00
Rainbow (Lacinato variety) 3.00
Red Russian 3.00

Page 3

(Roll cursor over plant name for description of the variety)
Leeks Jumbo 6-pack
Bandit 3.00
Tadorna 3.00
Lettuce Jumbo 6-pack
* Buttercrunch, butterhead 3.00
Gourmet Mix 3.00
Jericho, romaine 3.00
* Little Gem, romaine 3.00
* Marvel of Four Seasons / Merveille des Quatre Saisons, butterhead 3.00
* Merlot Lettuce, loose-leaf 3.00
* Nevada, crisphead 3.00
* Outredgeous, romaine 3.00
Petite Rouge, romaine 3.00
* Red Sails, leaf 3.00
Wild Garden Mix 3.00
Onions Jumbo 6-pack
* Candy 3.00
Cippolini - Yellow 3.00
Deep Purple Scallion 3.00
Scallions - Lisbon White Bunching 3.00
Red Torpedo 3.00
Rosa di Milano 3.00
* Walla Walla Onion 3.00
Pac Choi Jumbo 6-pack
China Choi 3.00
Red Choi 3.00

Page 4

(Roll cursor over plant name for description of the variety)
Peppers, Hot 3.5" pot
Ancho Tiburon 3.00
Bhut Jolokia 2.50
Cayenne Ring of Fire 2.50
Golden Greek Pepperoncini 2.50
Habanero 2.50
Hungarian Black 2.50
* Jalapeño Conchos 2.50
Jalapeño Goliath 2.50
Lemon Drop 2.50
Nu Mex Joe Parker 2.50
Pimiento de Padrón 2.50
Rocoto Red 2.50
* Serrano 2.50
Thai Orange 2.50
Peppers, Sweet 3.5" pot
California Wonder 2.50
Italia 2.50
Jimmy Nardello's 2.50
* Lipstick 2.50
Little Bells 2.50
Red Ruffled Pimento 2.50
Shishito 2.50
* Sweet Banana 2.50
* Sweet Cayenne 2.50
Sweet Chocolate 2.50
Tollie's Sweet 2.50

Page 5

(Roll cursor over plant name for description of the variety)
Pumpkin 3.5" pot
Baby Pam 2.50
* Cinderella - Rouge vif d'Etampes 2.50
* Jack Be Little 2.50
New England Pie 2.50
* Palla Rossa
Spinach Jumbo 6-pack
Renegade 3.00
Squash, Summer 3.5" pot
Benning's Green Tint 2.50
Costata Romanesco 2.50
Magda Zucchini 2.50
Tasty Black Patio 2.50
* Tromboncino 2.50
* Yellow Crookneck 2.50
Yellow Scallopini 2.50
Squash, Winter 3.5" pot
* Acorn Table Queen 2.50
Baby Blue Hubbard 2.50
Delicata Bush 2.50
Butternut 2.50
Sweet Dumpling 2.50
* Vegetable Spaghetti 2.50

Page 6

(Roll cursor over plant name for description of the variety)
Tomatillo 3.5" pot
Mexican Strain 2.50
Purple de Milpa 2.50
Tomatoes, Slicing - Red 3.5" pot
Anna Russian 2.50
Bloody Butcher 2.50
* Brandywine 2.50
Champion 2.50
* Early Girl 2.50
Goliath Bush 2.50
Mortgage Lifter 2.50
Moskovich 2.50
Mountain Princess 2.50
Stupice 2.50
* Willamette 2.50
Tomatoes, Slicing - Colorful 3.5" pot
Aunt Ruby's Green 2.50
Black Krim 2.50
Black Plum 2.50
Cherokee Purple 2.50
* Indigo Rose 2.50
Japanese Black Trifele 2.50
Jaune Flamme 2.50
Long Keeper 2.50
Paul Robeson 2.50
Purple Calabash 2.50
Taxi 2.50
Valencia 2.50
Yellow Brandywine 2.50

Page 7

(Roll cursor over plant name for description of the variety)
Tomatoes, Cherry 3.5" pot
Chocolate Cherry 2.50
Isis Candy 2.50
* Oregon Cherry 2.50
* Sun Gold 2.50
* Sweet Million 2.50
Yellow Pear 2.50
Tomatoes, Paste/Drying 3.5"
Amish Paste 2.50
Principle Borghese 2.50
Roma 2.50
San Marzano 2.50

Page 8

(Roll cursor over plant name for description of the variety)
Herbs, 4" round pot
Basil - annual
Amethyst Improved 3.00
Genovese Sweet 3.00
Lemon 3.00
Thai Sweet 3.00
Garden 3.00
Cilantro - annual
Santo Slow Bolt 3.00
Dill - annual
Fernleaf 3.00
Lavender - perennial
Ellagance Purple 3.00
Spanish 3.00
Lovage 3.00
Marjoram - perennial
Sweet 'Zaatar' 3.00
Oregano - perennial
True Greek 3.00
Hot & Spicy 3.00
Parsley - biennial
Italian Flat Leaf 3.00
Rosemary - perennial
Barbeque 3.00
Trailing 3.00
Sage - perennial
Golden 3.00
salvia 'Grower’s Friend' 3.00
salvia elegans ‘Pineapple’ (tender perennial) 3.00
salvia ‘Purple’ 3.00
Salad Burnette
Salad Burnette 3.00
Summer - annual 3.00
Winter - perennial 3.00
Sugar Plant 3.00
French 3.00
Thymus vulgaris ‘German Winter’ 3.00
Thymus citriodorus ‘Lemon’ 3.00
Lemon Variegated 3.00

Page 9

(Roll cursor over plant name for description of the variety)
Melon 3.5" pot
* Swan Lake Honeydew 2.50
Strawberries - Perennial 4" pots
Elan 3.00
Alyssum Jumbo 6-pack
Tiny Tim 3.00
Calendula Jumbo 6-pack
Mix 3.00
Marigolds Jumbo 6-pack
Disco Marietta 3.00
Disco Red 3.00
Disco Yellow 3.00
Lemon Gem 3.00
Red Gem 3.00
Nasturtium Jumbo 6-pack
Jewel Mix 3.00

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